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Tourism in Balochistan

Tourism in Balochistan

Whenever we hear the Word Baluchistan, many people would have many exciting things come into their minds. This province holds a lot of outstanding resources, Natural Sky Scrapers, beauty, and all of the seasons that make it the must-visit place on the earth.

Many people have eyes on this province because it has a lot of potentials that can help the Pakistani government earn billions of dollars. Of course, one major thing is Natural resources; however, the other significant aspect is Tourism.

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Baluchistan has the longest coastal lines and various other places to explore that a person would not get to visit in other provinces. So yes, this province comes with a treasure for many people who know about the natural resources and have the right sense of identifying the beautiful tourist spots.

The government of Baluchistan, along with the Federal government, has organized a lot of Seminars on Tourism because they understand the importance of this amazing Province that can become a game-changer in the whole world for portraying the positive image of Pakistan along with generating a huge financial opportunity.

List of Tourist Spots in Baluchistan:

We have discussed a lot about Tourism in the above paragraphs. Now, it’s essential to let you know about the list of places in Balochistan where people from other parts of the world can come and enjoy here. Yes, we are talking about the Foreign tourists.

Ziarat Valley:

The first and most crucial part of Balochistan is the Ziarat valley. Its historical importance relies upon the founder of Pakistan, who has spent the last days of his life here. However, people from different parts of the world do come to this valley to pay to visit the house of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The name of his home is Ziarat residency.

Apart from that, Ziarat is also famous for being the second place globally with the largest juniper forest in the world. Yes, that’s an exemplary thing for the people coming from other parts of the world to ziarat. Even those who are living in other provinces can also get a unique experience.

Also, many people would love to visit the Ziarat Valley in the winters because Snow Fall tends to happen in this place in a considerable amount. Therefore, people from other parts of Pakistan or other countries can enjoy it too. However, even in summers, the Nights tend to be very cold in ziarat.

The Ziarat Valley is approximately 8,850 Fit above sea level. Moreover, its approximately 2 to 2.5 hours away from the Capital of Balochistan.

Hannah Lake:

Hanna Lake is a natural that is half an hour’s drive away from Quetta City. Here, people would go to spend their evening time in a calm and relaxing place. It’s the natural beauty of Balochistan. However, the area is under the supervision of Army Troops, and it has Huts and rest-houses near to it. Therefore, anyone coming here to stay at night can book the Huts and spend a beautiful time with their friends or family members surrounding the lake.

Meanwhile, Boating and other outstanding Water motor machines are also available on this spot to enjoy the time.

Hanna Urak:

Hanna Urak is 5 to 10 minutes away from Hannah Lake, a picnic spot where you can enjoy yourself with the family members for the whole day making outdoor food like Barbecue. It has a natural Waterfall system from where the water is constantly coming, and people would enjoy in the water by playing different types of games or taking a bath. Moreover, it does have the mountains to the surrounded area that makes the whole ambiance beautiful.

Any person going to Hannah Lake should plan the whole day and enjoy spending time on Hanna Urak, which is truly unique.

Pir Ghaib WaterFalls:

Pir Ghaib means Invisible Saint. This place is famous due to a person who comes back in the early times to this place to spread Islam’s teachings. The place is located in Bollan Valley, which is approximately 70KM away from Balochistan.

The person who was living in this place faced death threats due to the fact of spreading Islam. At that time, the peoples living in this place were not from any religion. The Saint tried to save himself by jumping to the Waterfall, and then he disappeared.  That’s why this place is named Pir Ghaib.

The beautiful Rocky Mountains surround it, along with Palm Trees, Ponds, and many other beautiful natural objects. The place remains hot even in the winters despite being only 70KM away from Balochistan. Therefore, many people would go there in the winters for enjoyment.

It comes with a Bathtub likes small water areas where you can Swim, and the water is crystal clear and blue. However, it would help if you were highly professional in swimming as there were hundreds of cases where people would have to lose their lives.

Gwadar Beaches:

Gwadar is a natural hub of business that relates to the Sea. Yes, it has the largest Deep seaport globally, where China is spending a considerable amount of money to make it properly accessible. It’s said that after the proper start of this Sea-port, many other countries like Mumbai, Dubai, and other sea-port related cities would have to lose a considerable amount of business. Why? Because it has the shortest path compared to other cities for importing or exporting the goods or other products.

Besides that, Gwadar is famous for its beaches that hold beauty, like Miami, Florida beaches, or any other parts of the world-famous for its coastal lines. So yes, you would get many beach options in Gwadar, including Astola island, Kund Malir Beach, Daran Beach, Pishukan Beach, Hammerhead Beach, Hingol National park, and many more.

On the other hand, Gwadar is also famous for hosting the Jeep rallys where racers of different provinces participate. The jeep rally is organized on a higher level and many high-level personalities used to come on this from other parts of Pakistan, including the world. Even a lot of the foreigners have also taken part in this Jeep Rally.

Jhal Magsi:

Jhal Magsi is another important Tourism Spot of Balochistan. Pir Chathal Noorani is the Tourist spot that is situated inside Jhal Magsi Gandhawa District. People from different parts of Pakistan came to this spot to enjoy their time spent on the beautiful landscape and ambiance.

Pir Chattal Noorani is water caters where the water is crystal clear along with blue. In the water, you can see beautiful fishes that are unique in color. However, it’s not allowed to hunt those fishes for any reason due to the public ordinance.

As a tourist, you can come to this spot to explore the beautiful place for the first time in Balochistan. It’s safe to explore. A person living in Sindh can have tremendous benefits to explore it as it’s near the Sindh. You can say that Jhal magsi is a few hours away from Sindh. People who live here usually speak Sindhi.

Apart from that, Jhal Magsi is also famous for the Safari Rally. In Pakistan, the Jeep safari started from the Jhal Magsi. Yes, one of the MPAs of Sindh, who belongs to this District has started this in the early times. After that, the other places were also considered for the same reasons.

The Jhal Magsi safari rally place is the primary reason this place has become popular worldwide. It has over 200 Kilometers of track platform where the race tends to happen.

Balochistan Deserts:

Deserts are one of the best and must-go-to-type places for many peoples in the whole world. Yes, it provides a unique feeling that is not easy for anyone to forget. The majestic views and the entire air make the mind fresh along with giving a joyful moment.

In Balochistan, you can get the Deserts to enjoy your time as a tourist. Yes, you can get such experiences in the kharan desert. You can easily do Camel riding, Sand surfing, and other essential things in this place. Hence, it’s outstanding to visit this spot. There are many other Deserts available in Pakistan. However, Kharan is the one that is highly famous due to its beautiful view, which is heart-throbbing.

National Parks:

Balochistan has two notable places to get a fully-fledged national park, Hazaarganji, and Hingol National Park. The Hingol National park is the biggest, and it’s located near the Gwadar. Yes, you can get there through the Zero point area, also known as the coastal lines of Pakistan.

In the Hingol national park, you will experience several natural places. Apart from that, the places come with unique and precious animals, Watery places, Greenery, and Mountains. A person who loves such places will need to go to this place in Balochistan.

Hazarganji-Chiltan National park is near Quetta. You can go there to enjoy the evenings as it has beautiful skyscrapers surrounding good weather and a relaxing environment. Meanwhile, the place has some of the unique animals that are only left here.

How Foreigners Can Get Benefit from Baluchistan Tourism?

Being a Foreigner, you would always have some thoughts to earn a good amount of money in terms of investments that can help you out in the future. Tourism is one outstanding industry that can help you achieve a tremendous amount of money for the investments you have made in it.

If we talk about Balochistan, you are already known about the list of Tourist Spots. We have talked only about the few in the article. However, you can get a lot more that can help you understand the outstanding potential of this Province.

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Some of the important places that we have discussed, including Gwadar, can be outstanding options for you. It comes with the Deep Seaport, where China is investing a considerable amount in infrastructure. Therefore, later, the reasons would be evident that this place will become a significant tourist spot. Right now, many foreigners and travel Vloggers have also come to visit this place. Therefore, its importance has increased to several other parts of the world. Thus, the future is not far when many other peoples come from different parts of the world. At the peak time, it would be pretty hectic for you to invest in this place. Therefore, right now will be the best option to invest less and attain more benefits.

Apart from that, the Residential point of view, like the hotels and other opportunities, are pretty huge in Balochistan for Tourism. Therefore, you can invest in different parts of Balochistan to buy lands and make Hotels or buy the already-built Places for setting up hotels in those areas where the Tourism is Outstanding. Being a foreigner, it would be easy for you to afford it, plus, the outcome will come out in the best way for you.

Why Should Tourists Visit Balochistan?

Balochistan has a lot of outstanding places for a tourist to explore when coming to Pakistan. The natural resources, lands, and other essential things are available considerably to this province. Therefore, coming as a foreigner to Pakistan is best for you by visiting this province.

There is no doubt that this Province has pretty much all of the experiences you are looking for as a tourist or traveler. From the Coastal lines to the Islands, Deserts, Lakes, Mountains, and many more, uncountable things await you to explore everything.

Balochistan is fully secure for people from any race or religion to come and enjoy. Especially, Gwadar is the type of tourist spot that can provide you with the ultimate experiences that you haven’t gotten ever in your entire life.

Balochistan is full of culture considered to other provinces of the world. Here, you will see the ancient places, meeting people from different religions and historical backgrounds. Another important thing about this Province is the Food that is not Spicy but holds a unique and delicious taste. Therefore, it would be the best and unique experience for everyone visiting this place as a foreigner or tourist.

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