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Why Invest in Baluchistan?

Why Should You Invest in Real Estate business in Baluchistan?

The Real Estate industry is the only physical business gaining an immense amount of popularity and profit in the past few years. Therefore, many people are rapidly getting into it, whether it’s real estate agents, investors, sellers, etc.

Since this article is based on the investment point of view, we will tell you about all of the essential things inside the article that can help you a lot in the long run whenever you plan to invest in Baluchistan.

Before starting anything, we would also touch on the other side of the Real estate business, which is the competition. Yes, at one point, there is a considerable amount of benefits that contains a good amount of profit in this unique and sustainable business. On the other hand, there is vast competition surrounding this business model, which should be a significant consideration for all of you.

Why Should You Invest in Baluchistan?

According to the recent survey, the highest rate set for the plots, residential, or commercial properties, Baluchistan, tends to be found on the top with whooping rates in both investment and profit aspects. Hence, it makes Baluchistan the most favorite place for a person living in Pakistan or abroad to invest.

Here, we would try to point out some significant points that will quickly help everyone living abroad understand why they should not keep their money in a bank; instead, the money should be invested in this Province.

Reason #1 [LiveStock]

Investing in Balochistan can open ways for overseas Pakistani or non-Pakistanis to get into the livestock business. Here, the livestock work is on a larger scale. The export of Goat/sheep and other essential livestock inventories is enormous to the Middle East and Iran side considerably. Therefore, it still has a lot of room for an outsider to visit Balochistan with investment intention.

The business of dairies is also evident in Balochistan, and it has a lot of gap due to the reasons there are very few Dairy’s who are working on an upper-level standard. Side by side, there are significant other opportunities held in this province.

Reason # 2 [Fisheries]

The preservation and handling of the fish industry of Balochistan are top-notch as compared to Sindh. The largest sea-line of Pakistan is available in the Makran coastal belt. Therefore, people living abroad would find a better opportunity to invest in Balochistan and get into it.

The report of the year 2001-2002 claims that a total of 654,500 m. tonnes of Total catch happened in this province, whose worth was expected around 6 billion Pakistani rupees. Therefore, a tremendous amount of money does come from these resources. Also, there is still a gap required to fulfill in a similar industry, which will be beneficial for those who will take action by investing in Balochistan.

Reason # 3 [Rich Minerals]

The rich minerals of Baluchistan tend to be the most audacious reasons people from all around the world have a close eye on this province. Many foreign companies are working on a significant project. The top profitable project is the saindak gold mine, where these companies have exported infinite tons of gold in raw form.

Meanwhile, other essential minerals found in Balochistan are Chromite, Gypsum, Coal, Zinc, Lead, Marble (Limestone), Soapstone, copper, Iron, Sulphur, etc. In other words, Baluchistan is like the hub of Minerals.

Reason # 4 [Weather Conditions]:

The fourth vital reason to invest in Baluchistan is the outstanding weather condition. Here, everybody can experience the four weather seasons like winter, summer, Fall, and Spring. Not only that, but the air quality is a bit pure as compared to other provinces of Pakistan.

Reason # 5 [Recreational Activities]:

The landscape of Balochistan is outstanding. Therefore, a person coming from abroad to Pakistan must need to visit Balochistan. Here, you will find a tremendous amount of recreational activity opportunities that will bring joy.

Some notable picnic spots are Bolan PirGhaib, PirChatal Shah, DomeraZiarat, PariJhal (harnai), Hingol National Park, Beaches, Hiking spots, lakes, and many more.

Reason # 6 [Horti Culture]:

Balochistan Is a favorite in Horti Culture investment where opportunities await you in Cut-Flower Business, Fried/dried onion plants, Fruit Processing plants, Date processing Plants, Apple Treatment plants, Cool Chains, Process, and plantation of Palm Trees, Tomato Paste Manufacturing, and many more.

In general, these sub-businesses of horticulture hold a lot of value. Also, you would grab the same idea to start exporting your samples to overseas countries. Hence, it can make a breakthrough in your investments.

Reason # 7 [Pine Business]

Pine tends to be the most luxurious dry fruit in the whole world. Luckily, the ideal place for this dry fruit and the right amount of plantation happens in the Balochistan province. Therefore, people living Overseas can think of investing in this province to leverage from this business opportunity.

The need for Pine Nuts is evident within Pakistan, and most of the inventory releases from Balochistan. Therefore, getting into it will bring a road map for any investor to do business within Pakistan.

Reason # 8 [Start a Touring Business]

People from all around the world, including different parts of Pakistan, do come to Balochistan every year to enjoy its Summer and Winter Seasons. Hence, it’s evident that many opportunities are available for those who will invest in the touring side.

Being a foreigner, you can quickly cash this opportunity by investing in Balochistan and make ways that will quickly fulfill the needs of international and national tourists.

Reason # 9 [Business > Job]

As compared to other provinces, Balochistan is more into the business side as compared to jobs. Therefore, it captivates a massive market for business mind person. IF you are a foreigner, then it would become a good reason for you to invest in Balochistan by building a full-fledged business that will later make your investment more extraordinary with time.

Reason # 10 [The Largest Port]

In the last, Balochistan is in the process of becoming the first deepest and largest seaport in the whole world that will pretty much affect the business of Dubai, Mumbai, and other areas where seaports exist.

In the future, it’s expected that a large amount of export and import products in Pakistan would have the headquarter in Gwadar, which is a city of Balochistan. Therefore, more jobs and business opportunities will un-tap for Pakistanis and overseas.  

How to Invest?

Being a foreigner, you might found it a bit confusing or dangerous to spend directly on real estate in Balochistan. Therefore, you must require a valid service or source which is already working on a similar area and can become a source of support for you.

In that case, Mr. Jahanzaib Khan, the JahaEstate (PVT) LTD owner in Balochistan, would be the best investment consultant of Balochistan for people outside Balochistan and Pakistan.

The reason you should consider the service of JahaEstate is because of the reason this company is registered with the higher authorities of Pakistan. Whatever they provide, there is accountability for it. Hence, your significant investments will never get into any fraudulent activity from the fake investment consultant gurus in Balochistan.

Apart from that, they are the first-ever top-notch investment consultant and real estate company that deals offline and online with customers from any part of the world. For an overseas, it will be a significant positive aspect.

Besides that, JahaEstate is already working in several under-constructed, governmental, agricultural, residential, and commercial construction projects. On top of that, the agents working in this company have extensive knowledge about the businesses that work in Balochistan and the preferable locations where investing in real estate business can be profitable.

Anyone who wants to schedule a quick meeting can quickly contact on the Whatsapp number: +92 304-808-6046. Here, the owner of this company responds to you and would guide you the best he can about investment opportunities in Balochistan. Moreover, you can also email them at for a quick response.

What Else Offer by the Owner of JahaEstate?

Apart from Real estate consultant services in JahaEstate and Developers, Jahaestate has a parent company JahaSoft LTD, which deals with Website Development, Software development, Digital marketing, and other software-related services.

It’s a plus point for an overseas investor to have JahaEstate as their consultant. Why? Because later, the need to promote any specific business plan or anything else through the digital world would be evident. In that case, Jahasoft will be the established company option in Balochistan for an investor to cover similar areas.

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